About us

Welcome to Hockeyninja.com. We introduced our first visors in 2012 to give hockey players a premium shield at a great price. We offer over 20 variations in our visor line and recently introduced goalie neck guards and what we think is the best full-face shield on the market. Our visors are worn by Pros and Amateurs at every level of the game.

The R-Series visors are made in Asia and tested in accordance with SS-EN ISO
10256 by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and meet the requirements for puck-impact resistance and optical quality. The R5 and R3 models are some of the best selling visors in the world.

The F-Series visors are made in Europe and are CE Certified. These are a classic, flat design and have been incredibly popular.

The R-PRO Series visor are made in Europe, CE Certified, and come with premium mounting hardware. These all have Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog coatings that should last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

The MK-5 is made from incredibly durable polycarbonate and made in Senior Large size, but can be adjusted down to a Junior Medium size with minor adjustments. The visor portion of the MK-5 is replaceable and available in both clear and tinted versions. The visor has a special surface treatment applied – micro anti-fog and anti-scratch layers are applied to the interior and exterior respectively, and protect the shield against abrasion and limit fogging. These hard varnishes, of a thickness of 5 microns (0.005 mm), which are permanently applied to the visor, cannot be washed off with water or damaged by solvents or various chemicals. The great advantage to the MK-5 protector is its extremely low weight in comparison to guards containing metal elements.

Our GX series Goalie Neck Guards are made in Europe from a high quality injection molding process.